Ayurveda Tri Dosha Cleanser

Ayurveda Tri Dosha Cleanser

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Created from a ceremony of royal essences, turmeric, bergamot, amala and pomegranate this anti inflammatory face wash cleanses and hydrates all skin types.


New Batch notes

This year we return to the original scent and color of the Tri-Dosha Cleanser due to the main ingredient turmeric having a stronger yellowish tone and scent.

The Jasmine Sambac from Tropical Asia this year is a darker orange and the Turkish Rose Blossoms used had a more potent scent as well as a deep yellowish-tangerine tone to it.

The Roman Chamomile also came with a powerful fire in it!

This means the cleanser is rich in these scents and tones.

 I love how unique nature is, and the formulations always contain the vibrations of the Earth Goddess.

This year's batch speaks to her bold fire and powerful scent!

Get yours before they are all gone!