"At Ayurvedic Rituals, Andrea Olivera has created a unique assortment of products and treatments. These help assist woman in connecting to the finest healing programs available in Canada that base knowledge on the ancient practices of Ayurveda. Only at Ayurvedic Rituals can you find a line of products which are tailor made for each dosha, with impeccable integrity through the highest grade essential oils and ingredients.

Apart from Andrea's fabulous skin care line, she has made available an assortment of organic botanical perfumes which are truly exquisite.  Each fragrance assists in invoking a different quality of being....either joy, release, calm, clarity of mind, or meditative bliss.  Andrea also presents lectures and workshops with the gift of sharing her vast knowledge of healing modalities with others who would like to embrace her incredible connectedness to the world of Ayurveda."

- Jalanna Lloyd-Smith


Kimberly Huie

“When I was shooting the period piece SELF MADE, there was very minimal makeup. Healthy, glowing skin was a must. The Ayurveda Rituals products help me achieve that both on and off camera. I love these products- I know they are of the highest standards and the best quality ingredients – and they’re healthy and nourishing!”

– Kimberly Huie as Mrs Margaret Washington in Netflix’s SELF MADE, inspired by the life of Madam CJ Walker (Octavia Spencer)