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Devi Sanctuary Donations

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Thank you for being part of our vision to bring together a sacred temple space.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will go towards helping with the cost of building materials, shipping and transportation costs as well as the decor for the Devi Sanctuary outdoor temple.

To learn more click on the announcement tab.

We are also accepting digital gift cards that will go into the building and decorating of our outdoor sanctuary.

Use the email to send digital gift cards.

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After relocating to Northumberland County near Rice Lake in May 2022 and experiencing the rejuvenating energies of our enchanted forest and creek, my spouse Ali and I became aware of the profound natural energy that this land emanates, which is often felt by many of our guests who come for their Ayurveda Rituals Healing Escape retreats.

In response, we decided to name our land "Devi Sanctuary," signifying it as a place of healing and tranquility that offers a unique connection to Mother Earth and her restorative energy. "Devi" is a Sanskrit term for Goddess, and "Sanctuary" conveys the idea of a refuge or a safe haven.

The concept of the Heavenly Mother takes on various forms, providing a safe refuge in the embrace of Mother Nature and facilitating communion with Divinity, manifesting as a benevolent, nurturing, and healing mother. Visitors to this enchanted land now have the opportunity to engage with a central shrine designed in the likeness of the Feminine aspect of Divinity.

These three Shaktis, which represent the energetic dimensions of Love, Healing Grace, and nurturing presence of Mother Divine, also serve as an external interpretation of our immune system. The innate function of our immune system is first and foremost to protect us from harmful invaders, germs, and diseases. This intricate network of phases and pathways acts similarly to how Mother Divine safeguards, supports, and nurtures, much like the worship observed during the nine nights of the Goddess, known as NAVARATRI in the Hindu tradition of Goddess worship.

Just as a mother safeguards her child, fights for their safety, sustains their well-being, and imparts knowledge of their unique gifts, Mother Nature plays a similar role. The alignment between Mother Nature, our immune system, and the qualities of a mother type underscores these common behaviors. One aspect of Mother Divine, in the form of Durga Ma, symbolizes vigilance against any potential threat or harmful antigens, which can be interpreted psycho-spiritually as combating inner demons or self-sabotaging beliefs.

The second aspect, embodied by Laxshmi Ma, activates our innate internal healing systems, nurturing and revitalizing our life force, akin to a nurturing and supporting mother. The origins of Ayurveda, often referred to as the Mother of all Healing can be traced back to Mother Laxshmi's role in directing the creation of The Elixir of Life, the Soma, and the Nectar of Immortality, as depicted in the epic tale of The Churning of the Ocean.

Both these manifestations of Mother Divine and our immune system mobilize PRANA/ENERGY to counteract and eliminate invasions, attacks, and harm. The psycho-spiritual understanding underscores the importance of practicing faith, truth, hope, love, courage, and gratitude to maintain our Prana/LifeForce Energy. It is essential to feel safe and protected before we can create a life of health and balance.

Once we achieve serenity in mind, body, and spirit, we can learn more about our true selves and apply emotional intelligence and wisdom to discern the real from the unreal. Only when we feel secure, protected, and at ease can we generate the energy required to live life to the fullest.

The third aspect of Mother Divine, represented by the Goddess of Intelligence, Creativity, and Goddess Saraswati, sustains and maintains PRANA/ENERGY by imparting the teachings of Truth and self-healing. Learning about our nature, bodies, and universal truths helps us create our true selves, enabling us to shed self-sabotaging beliefs and traumas.

These aspects of the Divine Mothers within us and external forms like Mother Nature, Heavenly Mother in various forms, such as Mother Mary, Goddess of Compassion Kuan Yin, encourage a journey toward self-love, forgiveness, peace, clarity, and the ability to create, embrace, love, and accept ourselves.

Our goal is to assist in the process of inner healing by establishing a sacred space in an energetically charged section of Mother Earth. This space will serve as a focal point for connecting with Nature Herself and nurturing an internal connection with Mother Divine, symbolizing different facets of these maternal qualities.

Our own maternal responses to inner pain, emotional needs, and diseases that have affected our body, mind, and spirit, combined with blessings from the forms of the Goddesses, will support our PRANA/ENERGY and enhance our WILL TO LIVE.

In the sacred Vedic Scriptures, which house the teachings of the three Sister Sciences: Yoga, Ayurveda, and Jyotisha, Prana/Breath/Vital Life Force is described as a Mother who nurtures her Children.

प्राणस्येदं वशे सर्वं त्रिदिवे यत्‌ प्रतिष्ठितम्‌। मातेव पुत्रान्‌ रक्षस्व श्रीश्च प्रज्ञां च विधेहि न इति ॥

This verse signifies that all of the Universe, established in the three heavens, is under the control of PRANA. PRANA is entreated to watch over us like a Mother, granting us fortune, affluence, intelligence, beauty, and above all, wisdom.