Dharma Floral Water Scents
Dharma Floral Water Scents

Dharma Floral Water Scents

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Dharma-Righteous Duty

May the experience of the Ritual scent Dharma invoke the awareness of your Divine Truth and duty. Dharma is said to be that which leads us to the path of perfection and glory, performing one’s dharma brings happiness, wealth, beauty, longevity. The Ritual scent of Dharma balances the Vata dosha by grounding and centering energy, creating clarity and enabling you to connect with your soul’s purpose to follow your dharma. The Ritual Scent Dharma purifies Chakra #5 Visuddhi, located in the throat region to promote the expression of one’s truth.

Essential oils such as jasmine, bergamot and magnolia promote mental clarity and enhance meditation. As you imbibe in the fragrance of Dharma allow the Ritual blend to take you into a deeper state of connection with your higher self so that you may come to know your righteous duty.

The Ritual Scent of Dharma has been crafted from organic India Jasmine Sambac, Bergamot, Magnolia, and Vanilla with a bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s Ritual Blend.

As you breathe in the Ritual Scent of Dharma may you breathe in inner clarity to guide you toward your divine truth.

This product does not contain any alcohol.

Warnings & Caution

Avoid eye contact and spraying on face. Avoid if pregnant or epileptic. Do not spray on children or pets.