Ganesh Floral Water Scents
Ganesh Floral Water Scents

Ganesh Floral Water Scents

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May the energy of the Ritual scent of Ganesha invite the experience of freedom and release. This Ritual scent calms and centers the Vata dosha and stabilizes the first or Muladhara chakra.

The Ritual scent of Ganesha is crafted with a fresh blend of sweet citrus and chocolate attar essences to first increase our mental clarity which will enable us to calm and ground our energy to ultimately release any blockages. Ganesha is a combination of Carnation and Sweet Orange essential oils blended with a bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s Ritual blend.

As you breathe in the Ritual scent of Ganesha charge your body with prana, increase your vitality and harness and unleash your energy like the free flowing mountain river.

This product does not contain any alcohol.

Warnings & Caution

Avoid eye contact and spraying on face. Avoid if pregnant or epileptic. Do not spray on children or pets.