Magdalena Travel Floral Water Scents (7.5ml)

Magdalena Travel Floral Water Scents (7.5ml)

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Take the Ritual scents with you with this travel sized version of the Magdalena Perfume.

May the experience of the Ritual scent of Magdalena invite you to surrender to love. Inspired by the love and bhakti (devotion) of Mary Magdalene, this ritual blend balances Chakra #4-Anahata, heart chakra and is good for kapha dosha’s. It inspires the heart to the experience of love which makes self-less devotion and service possible.

The sacred concoction of precious resins of Frankincense and Myrrah are used to ward off negative and blocked energies and to rid one of evil spirits. Magdalana is composed of ancient Frankicense attar, precious Myrrah attar, Fig leaf, Olive leaf, Morrocan Cypress, Indian Majmua attar, Neroli Absolute, Rose Absolute blended with a bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s Ritual Blend.

As you breathe in the Ritual scent of Magdalena allow yourself to surrender to devotion so that you may come to know the experience of divine love.

This product does not contain any alcohol.

Warnings & Caution

Avoid eye contact and spraying on face. Avoid if pregnant or epileptic. Do not spray on children or pets.