Shiva Perfume

Shiva Perfume

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Shiva-The Yogi

May the experience of the Ritual scent of Shiva invoke the transformation of your being for the purposes of self-realization. Invoke your inner MahaYogi (Great Yogi) elevate your consciousness and let your energy flow.

This Ritual scent cools the Pitta dosha and balances Chakra #3, Manipura to unblock dull or stagnant energy at the navel centre, and Chakra #6 Ajna, Third eye chakra, the seat of intuition to promote deep states of meditation, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Shiva is crafted using a combination of cooling essences; Sandalwood, Sudanese Black Coconut attar, Sudanese Black Rose, and Kush attar blended with a global bouquet of floral waters in a base of Andrea Olivera’s Ritual Blend.

The sacred coconut symbolizes the mind. Its healing essence tames and cools the inner fire, and helps to encourage the transmutation of lower energies into higher states of awareness.

Caution: Avoid eye contact and if pregnant or epileptic.

As you breathe in the Ritual Scent of Shiva breathe in yogic transformation, harness your shakti energy and transcend into bliss…